What to look for in a great pet boarding facility in Los Angeles, CA

July 8, 2021 at 7:00 AM
What to look for in a great pet boarding facility in Los Angeles, CA

Leaving your dog home when you’re away can be stressful. They have free range of the house and have more of a chance to get into things they’re not supposed to. This is why it’s recommended that you board your dog if you’re going to be gone overnight. At Barks N’ Rec we offer boarding services so you can leave your dog in a safe environment while you’re away. If you’ve never boarded your dog, we have some things that you’ll want to look for in a facility that offers pet boarding in Los Angeles.

Makes time for play and socialization

Like kids, your dog needs to spend time playing. They still have energy that needs to get burned off so they get a good night of sleep at the end of the day. Your boarding facility should make time for your dog to get out of its kennel and run around.

Playtime is also an important time for your dog to socialize. Dogs are pack animals by nature, which means that they love to play with other dogs. This helps them be more comfortable with their surroundings and will even make it easier to board them in the future.

Requires vaccinations

Part of keeping your dog healthy is making sure that it doesn’t get sick. Vaccinations are one way to ensure that your dog isn’t exposed to diseases like parvo, dog flu, distemper, and others. Requiring proof of vaccinations is one way that your pet boarding service will that they care about the health and safety of your dog during their stay.

Medicine administration

If your dog requires medication, it’s crucial that it is continued to be administered while you’re unable to. The best pet boarding services offer medicine administration at no extra fee to ensure that your dog is taken care of. Our care providers will administer medication at designated times so they don’t miss a single dose when you’re gone.

Performs a temperament assessment

Not all dogs are great at socializing. For some, being around other dogs can be stressful or they simply don’t have the temperament to socialize in a confined space. A temperament assessment prior to boarding is necessary to ensure the safety of all dogs that are boarded at a facility. If your dog doesn’t meet the standard of the boarding facility, you can either send your dog to a trainer or continue to work on conditioning good behavior.

Flexible check-in and check-out times

We know that things don’t always go as planned when you’re getting ready to head out of town. There are times that you need to move things around to make your schedule work. This is when a flexible check-in and check-out time comes in handy. While most facilities have set times when you can come to pick up your dog, we make it easy by working with your busy schedule.

Live webcam access

Whether it’s because you want to make sure your dog is safe or simply miss them while you’re gone, access to a live webcam is a great amenity that boarding services can offer. You’re able to log on at any time and make sure that your dog is happy and safe.

Get in touch for more

If you’d like to learn more about our pet boarding in Los Angeles, CA, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Barks N’ Recs. You can give us a call at 818-532-7022 or send a message using our contact form. We’re proud to be your source for trusted pet care and offer a safe, loving, and trustworthy environment to board your dog overnight.