Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Pup Engaged Outside of Doggie Day Care

May 15, 2020 at 4:00 AM

For urban pet parents in LA, keeping your furry friend engaged during the workday can be a huge challenge. Dogs need a lot of attention and exercise. They need to have mental stimulation and activities that will help them burn off their energy.

Even if you have the opportunity to take your pup for a walk during your lunch hour, they’re still left to entertain themselves during the rest of the time you’re busy working. This can leave your pet feeling bored, which, in your dog’s mind, is a great excuse for getting into mischief.

That’s why so many parents love our doggie daycare in Agoura Hills. At our daycare and boarding facility for dogs, your pet can develop social skills, feel safe in a caring environment, and simply kick back and be their playful self.

But, what happens outside of doggie daycare? Because we want you to have plenty of ideas on hand for keeping your dog healthy, happy and entertained, we are sharing our top five tips for keeping dogs engaged.

Doggie Toy Puzzles

They’re cute. They’re loyal. But dogs are also budding intellectuals if you give them the chance! Keep your dog engaged with challenging dog puzzles. Toys that require your pet to explore and problem solve can help to exercise their mind. Plus, there’s nothing more fun to watch than your pup learning how to get that treat out of the doggie puzzle!

Regular Training

A lot of dog owners stop training their pups once they get older. After all, an old dog can’t learn new tricks, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Dogs of all ages love to learn and try new things. They also love pleasing their best friend by figuring out how to do a new trick and being rewarded with positive affection.

Teach your dog something new. Once they learn that trick, try another one. They’ll love spending time and bonding with you. At the same time, the mental challenge will help them to feel more relaxed during downtime.

Activity Variety

Everyone knows how important it is to get out there and exercise with your dog. But, how much should you vary the routine?

Make sure to include different activities such as throwing a ball or a stick and playing a game of fetch, running around at the park or going for a walk in new areas. There’s nothing wrong with the familiar walk around the neighborhood but try exploring new hiking trails or new neighborhoods from time to time to give your pup an expanded perspective.

Doggie Play Dates

Dogs are pack animals and most breeds do appreciate canine companionship. If your dog’s well-behaved with other dogs, consider meeting up with other pet owners to go for walks together or to meet at the dog park.

If you need help socializing your pup, we can help. At Barks N’ Rec, we can help your dog feel comfortable around other furry friends at our Agoura Hills doggie daycare.

Regular Grooming

If you want to help your dog relax and enjoy life, make sure they look and feel their best with regular grooming. A breed-appropriate bathing, brushing and dental care schedule can help to prevent problems such as itchy skin and plaque buildup on teeth. With healthy skin and teeth and a shiny coat, they’ll always feel comfortable.

For more tips on helping your pet thrive, keep following our blog. Also, contact us anytime to set up an appointment for dog grooming or if you want to bring your pet to our fun doggie daycare in Agoura Hills!