How often should a dog go to an affordable dog daycare in Los Angeles?

January 4, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How often should a dog go to an affordable dog daycare in Los Angeles?

Taking your dog to an affordable dog daycare in Los Angeles is a great way to give your dog the socialization that it needs when you’re at work. However, it is possible to have your dog at daycare too much. Some dogs start to get anxious about being at daycare all the time and can eventually start to get bored of the routine and become defiant either when it’s time to go to daycare or during its time there.

At Barks N’ Rec, we understand that daycare isn’t the solution for every dog forever. While we love having dogs with us all the time, we understand that there are times when dogs need to be at home. To help with this, we’ve put together a short guide with answers to questions that include, “How often a dog should go to daycare?” and, “Are there alternatives to dog daycare?”

How many days a week is good for my dog?

Taking your dog to daycare is a great way to ensure that it’s socializing and playing throughout the day because there are often many other dogs there it can play with. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you should still be exercising your dog by playing and going for walks at home. For many dogs, three days a week at daycare is plenty.

Yes, dogs are social animals and love running and playing with other dogs. Above that, they want to be with their people. As a dog owner, you’re the person your dog trusts the most, so it’s important that you continue to spend time with your dog every day.

Should my dog be able to stay home alone?

It’s understandable if you work every day and worry about your dog staying home alone. Some dogs get anxious when they’re left home alone, and others need assistance with health issues as they age.

The amount of time you should be able to leave your dog at home alone depends much on its age and overall health. Puppies shouldn’t be left at home for more than two hours a day because they need to go outside more often and can develop separation anxiety. Adult dogs over 18 months can often be at home for four to six hours on their own, as they’re often more independent and have been trained. An older dog might need more attention with health issues or have to go outside more often, so two to six hours home alone is the recommended window. You know your dog best, so you can often gauge for yourself how long your dog can be home alone.

What if my dog doesn’t do well at home alone?

Staying home alone isn’t instinctual for a dog. It does require a certain level of training to ensure that they understand you’re going to come home eventually, and tearing up the furniture isn’t the correct response. If you haven’t made any effort to train your dog to be left at home, you can work with professionals to ensure that the training is done correctly and sticks when you have to leave it at home.

Are there alternatives to dog daycare if I need them?

If you’re struggling to find a solution to your dog being left at home all day, there are other options. You can hire an all-day pet sitter to stay at home with your dog to ensure that it gets to go outside and toilet as it needs, gets its dish filled at the right time and has somebody to make sure it’s not getting into trouble. A sitter can also be a part-time solution if you’re able to take your dog to daycare two or three times each week.

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