Is Puppy Day Care Healthy for Dogs?

January 17, 2020 at 5:00 AM

Many dog owners decide to take their dogs to puppy day care but can become nervous about leaving their dog somewhere new. If you're going to trust a day care service to take care of your pooch, you want the peace of mind of knowing that it's good for them in the long run. So are there benefits to using puppy day care? Should you give it a try? Read on to find out!

Does Day Care Socialize Your Dog?

One of the greatest benefits of having your dog stay at a day care service is socialization. Dogs are incredibly social animals, so it can be tough for them to be alone when you and other members of the household aren't around. Socializing your dog helps with their confidence, their behavior, and their mood. One of the easiest ways to socialize them is by bringing them to a puppy day care where they can play with other dogs and new people, as well as experience new sounds and places.

Do you get those feelings of guilt whenever you have to lock your dog in their crate for long periods of time? You're not alone. While dogs don't mind, and sometimes actually prefer, sleeping in crates, they'd much rather be playing with other dogs! When your dog is socialized, the chance of them running away is decreased, their aggression is lessened, they become better travelers, less anxious, and much more.

Can Dogs Get Exercise at Day Care?

Yes, and this is especially important for people living in the city or the suburbs. The right day care service, like Barks N' Rec, can provide wide-open spaces for your dog to run around and play safely. 

Dogs don't like being kept inside all the time any more than humans do. They can get a bit stir crazy, which can result in them feeling anxious, barking non-stop, and destroying things in the house. They need something to do with all that energy! Thankfully, puppy day care is a great place for them to blow off some steam. They can run around, play with other dogs, and alleviate feelings of boredom. The best part? It's all in a safe, secure area.

Will Day Care Prevent Loneliness?

As stated before, if you and other members of your household have to be away from home during the day, your dog can understandably start feeling a bit lonely. Loneliness in dogs, like with humans, can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, lethargy, and a loss in appetite.

The daycare attendants at Barks N' Rec are incredibly passionate and devoted to making your dogs feel safe and cared for while they're away from home. Attending day care allows them to be social and have fun during the day before getting to see you and the rest of your household when you pick them up. Agreeing to care for an animal is a huge responsibility. We're here to help you with that responsibility by giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Just because you have to go away for a weekend trip doesn't mean your dog can't go on a weekend trip of their own! 

Want to Give Barks N' Rec a Try?

Ready to drop off your pooch for an overnight visit? Please reach out to us for more information about booking a spot for your dog or to ask any questions you may have about our services. You can email us through our email at or by phone at (818) 532 7022. 

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