Finding the perfect pet hotels in LA

December 2, 2019 at 5:00 AM
by Barks N' Rec

When you love your dog more than words can describe, spending time away from them feels heart-wrenching. One way to make your time apart easier is by looking into pet hotels in LA. At Barks and Rec, we provide doggie daycare in Agoura Hills, CA. If you're living in the LA area, we want to help you find out how to choose the perfect pet hotel.

Does the pet hotels in LA offer the services you need?

Choosing the right pet hotel usually involves more than discovering where your dog can sleep overnight. Your dog may have specific dietary requirements. Or, you might expect them to be walked or groomed in a particular way.

At Barks and Rec, we do everything we can to make sure your dog has the time of their life during their stay with us. When you leave your dog at our dog hotel, we want you to feel reassured that you're leaving them somewhere safe. If you have specific requirements that you'd like us to meet during your pet's stay, please discuss them with us. 

How does the dog hotel's pricing work?

Much like human hotels, dog hotels may charge a flat rate for staying there. That rate will include certain necessities, such as food and walking. When it comes to extras such as grooming and medications, you should ask whether the hotel you're looking into charges extra.

At Barks and Rec, we're always open about our pricing. If you'd like to discuss our fees with us, don't hesitate to reach out.

Are they strict about vaccinations?

One sure sign that a dog boarding facility is safe to use is their policy on vaccinations. The best hotels will need to see proof that your pet's vaccinations and flea treatment schedules are up to date before admission.

If your dog hasn't received all their vaccinations, now's the time to update them. Some vaccines have a latency period before the immunity fully kicks in, so it's better to schedule them for well before your travel date. Additionally, if you can't find your pet's vaccination certificates, request proof from your vet. Having everything to hand will make it easier for you to book your dog into the hotel of your choice.

How well-maintained are the facilities?

When you're searching for a pet hotel, you don't necessarily need one that's the doggie version of The Ritz. At the same time, we believe that decent dog hotels will have well-maintained facilities. They're playing an important role in your pooch's life, so it isn't unreasonable to want them to be well cared for.

At Barks and Rec, we maintain a strict cleaning and maintenance routine. Your dog will benefit from a secure facility that smells fresh. We're happy to let you look around our dog hotel so that you can rest assured it's the right place for your pooch to stay.

How will dogs interact with each other?

Some dog hotels allow pets to interact with one another. However, many will only do so after they've evaluated a dog's ability to play nicely. In the event that they can't, they'll keep them separate and still deliver the level of care they deserve.

One of our top tips for seeing whether your dog handles interactions well is to bring them to us for daytime boarding. We'll perform an evaluation and let you know how your dog has progressed.

At Barks and Rec, we provide one of the best dog hotels in LA. Our overnight and daytime care always meet high standards. To discuss your dog's needs with us, call 818 532 7022.