Everything You Need to Know About Pet Boarding

May 5, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Pet boarding is the perfect option when you have to go away for any period of time.

As a pet owner, you love spending time with your four-legged family member, but as the county continues to open back up and life returns to normal once again, you’re not going to have as much leeway to spend time with him or her. Whether it’s traveling, going back into the office, or spending nights and weekends out on the town, you’re going to need to find someone who can safely watch your pet more often moving forward.

While some people might ask a friend or family member or hire a professional pet sitter, one option that’s growing increasingly popular is pet boarding. This service is a great way to ensure your furball is getting all of the love and attention it needs while you’re away, and if you’re not familiar with how it works, this helpful guide will clear up any lingering confusion you might have.

What exactly is pet boarding?

In essence, pet boarding is the pet equivalent of dropping a child off at daycare, with the exception that it’s typically done for multiple days at a time. It’s a service that allows you to take your pet to a facility where trained professionals can take care of it while you are out of town or otherwise too preoccupied.

Many providers offer a full suite of services designed to ensure every pet there is happy and healthy. This includes an exercise area where they can play, clean and sanitized housing and bedding, either veterinarian-approved food or the food of your choice, proper medications, and an on-call veterinarian who can handle any medical emergencies.

While it’s understandable that some owners might be hesitant about leaving their pet with strangers, you can rest easy knowing that everyone on staff is adequately trained and professionally equipped to handle any situation that may arise. This makes it the perfect option when you have to be away from your lovable fur baby for an extended amount of time.

How do you prepare your pet for the upcoming stay?

Being away from your pet for an extended period isn’t just stressful for you. It can also cause stress in your pet. This is especially true for ones who aren’t great around strangers or other animals. Luckily, you can use these helpful tips to facilitate the transition and help your pet remain calm during its stay.

Practice socializing with other pets.

Pets who don’t have much experience interacting with other animals are more likely to experience stress during their stay with the boarding facility. One way to ease them into their visit is to help them socialize with other pets beforehand. If you have friends or family members with pets, set up a playdate, or you can take yours to a park where they’re allowed to interact with other pets freely.

Bring a piece of home with you.

The boarding facility is likely to have everything your pet needs during its stay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them something that might make them feel more comfortable. Small things such as your pet’s favorite toy, delicious treats, or its own bed can help make the stay much more enjoyable.

Keep your goodbyes on the shorter side.

When you’re dropping your pet off at the boarding facility, it’s best if you make it quick. Long and elaborate farewells can alert your pet that something is off and create a feeling of anxiety as you start to leave. If you just give it a quick hug and leave them with a “be good,” your pet is less likely to start stressing out.

Are you searching for a place to board your pet?

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