Should I leave my dog at a doggy daycare near me or at home?

November 16, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Should I leave my dog at a doggy daycare near me or at home?

People who have pets understand that one of the benefits of having a dog or cat before a child is that you have the option to leave your pet at home unattended. While this can be a great option for some, it doesn’t always work out as planned. At Barks N’ Rec, we understand that it can be a difficult decision to decide whether to take your dog to a doggy daycare near you or leave it at home while you’re working. We’ve laid out some benefits of both options so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you and your dog.

Benefits of doggy daycare

No destruction at home

Not all dogs do well when they’re left at home. Even dogs that are considered to have some of the best behavior can sometimes act up and tear apart the couch. When you send your dog to doggy daycare, there’s no risk of your pet losing its cool when your commute goes long. Instead, you can be confident that it’s in a comfortable place where it can play and have fun with some of its closest friends.

Full-time monitoring

It’s often nice to be able to check in on your dog while you’re away. With help from modern technology, it’s easy to place cameras around your home and check them periodically on your smartphone. However, this can be costly as you have to install the cameras and set up your network. You can have peace of mind all day when you send your dog to a doggy daycare because they’re constantly monitored by a team of professionals who care deeply about the safety of your dog and the others around it.


Dogs are social animals. Many breeds love to run in a pack with other dogs, chase a ball together, or simply run around together. This socialization is healthy for your dog and helps to maintain healthy behaviors when it encounters other dogs in the community.

Benefits of staying home

No requirements to stay home

As a doggy daycare, we understand that it’s not the best solution for every dog and its owner. Keep in mind that there are certain requirements that your dog must meet to be eligible for daycare. Some of these include vaccinations and demeanor. As we mentioned previously, dogs are social animals, but not all of them enjoy the company of other dogs. Conditions like social anxiety are as real for dogs as they are humans, so it’s important to understand how well your dog interacts with others. Although, you'll need to take the time necessary to train your dog appropriate behavior when staying home.

Avoid illness

Similar to daycare for children, doggy daycares can sometimes have outbreaks of disease. Even with fully vaccinated dogs at daycare, diseases can still find their way into the center. This puts your dog at risk of contracting an illness from one of its furry friends. If you choose to keep your dog at home, this is something that you’re not risking at all.

It’s free

Beyond concerns for the health and wellness of your pup, doggy daycare costs money. Not everybody has the extra funds each month to send their dog to daycare. While this might take somewhat of a toll on your home, it’s free to leave your dog at home with bowls of food and water.

Contact us to learn more

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