Doggie daycare vs. in-house pet sitting: How To Choose

March 18, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Using a doggie daycare near you is a great way to keep your pet safe and happy while you are away.

Before searching for a doggie daycare near you, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the wide variety of options available to you. It is crucial to provide your dog with the required amount of attention and care so your pet can experience the best quality of life possible. If dogs are not stimulated throughout the day, you put them at risk of becoming depressed and lacking in natural energy. Luckily, if you work a full-time job or travel often, there are plenty of great options for your pet! Dog daycare and in-house pet sitting are both fantastic options to consider when looking to employ a pet sitting service, but how do you know which option is the right choice for you?


In-house pet sitting service entails hiring a professional to come to your home daily to play with your dog and provide your pet with the proper company and care. This option gives you the flexibility to determine how many times a day the sitter comes and what activities will be included with the service under responsible supervision. This is an excellent option if you have more than one pet at home. However, if you have one dog, an in-house pet sitting service might not be the best. Dogs can get lonely if they are not regularly interacting with other dogs. Similar to humans, dogs enjoy a normal social schedule and are keen to develop relationships that keep them happy. Dog daycare centers allow your pet to interact with a wide range of different dogs in a controlled environment where they can easily make new friends!

Controlled environment.

Dog daycare centers are designed to safely house a large number of dogs at a time. Every safety precaution is taken when creating the interior space for the facility to operate in. As opposed to an in-house dog sitting, dog daycare centers are always 100 percent safe and prepared for your pet to play in under any circumstances. It is common for dogs to rough-house with each other, and creating an environment to keep them safe in that space is critical. With an in-house dog sitting service, you can run the risk of unexpected accidents to occur.

Access to medical supplies.

Anything unexpected can happen and being prepared for the worst can prevent an accident from escalating. Dogs love to rough-house when they play or will suddenly get aggressive with each other throughout the day. In order to allow them to still have their fun and stay safe at the same time, all dog daycare centers are fully supplied and ready with ample medical supplies in the event of a sudden emergency.

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