Why Pick Dog Daycare in Agoura Hills for Your Pandemic Pet?

September 8, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Small dog lying on fluffy ground against a white background.

So many of us don’t know how we’d have made it through the isolation of the pandemic without our wonderful pets. Although it started as a relationship of circumstance, our connection with them has blossomed. They’re loyal, lifelong friends and we love them for it!

But now, as life starts to feel just as it did before, we’re heading back to the office. Who will care for our pets? Who will keep them active and engaged so even though they will miss us, it won’t be so bad?

Dog daycare in Agoura Hills is the answer. Here are some reasons why — from the Barks N’ Rec team that knows all about safe and fun doggie daycare.

As much play as they were used to.

The transition back to the office will take some getting used to. And it’s the same for our dogs, who won’t have us around for pats and games whenever they like.

At dog daycare, there are tons of safe activities for them to channel that energy. We have outdoor play areas, including a spanking new turf. And we have indoor areas, too, providing the needed variety for a full day of engaging play.

Each moment you’re at the office, you can have the satisfaction of knowing your dog is having fun or getting some good rest.

Playing with other doggie buddies.

For some dogs, one of the main highlights of visiting the park is getting to see and play with their furry fellows. When they’re at doggie daycare, friends are everywhere.

If you’d been playing with them a lot to make up for the pandemic’s boredom and isolation, they’ll get the attention and excitement they’d grown used to.

When they want their time alone again, there are always areas for them to sit and relax.

Safety and non-stop supervision.

We take safety seriously here. The fun play we just mentioned is only with other vaccinated and well-socialized dogs. We insist on this because we can’t maintain a safe environment for everyone without it.

In addition, we have trained professionals always watching over. A minute of a dog not being watched is one minute too many for us.

Flexible drop-off and pick-up times for hectic office days.

In the post-pandemic world, some companies are relaxing restrictions around office times. In others, the race to make up for last year’s losses is on, meaning there are long and unpredictable days ahead. When it comes to your pet, none of it matters to us.

Drop them off and pick them up whenever makes sense for you. It makes your return to the office easier, and our day is brighter for having lovely company!

Dog boarding for when you can use a quiet night alone.

When your pet hasn’t seen you all day, they just can’t get enough of your attention. As much as you want to give it and set their cute little face alight, that’s hard to do after a long and tiring day at the office. Sigh. If only they understood.

On such an evening, you can leave them at your chosen facility for dog daycare in Agoura Hills. With us, you’ll still see them through live webcam access. Add in a cozy blanket or fleece and your pup will dream the night away in home-like comfort.

Choose dog daycare in Agoura Hills for a smooth return to the office — for both you and them!

Our dog daycare facilities are, most of all, loving, caring, and safe. We appreciate that your dog is a valued four-legged member of your family. While they’re here, they’re part of ours, too. We make sure they feel comfortable and have fun, and that you have peace of mind you’ve made the right choice.

As you’re returning to the office, you simply have to hear about our package discounts.

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