6 things to bring when dropping off your pet at dog daycare

November 10, 2020 at 8:00 AM
small white dog getting dropped off at a dog daycare

No matter whether you’re a veteran or a beginner at something, you can never go wrong with having a checklist with you to make sure you don’t forget anything. The same can be said for bringing your pet to doggie daycare too.

As you’re packing for the holidays, you don’t want to forget anything your pet needs when you drop them off at a daycare or boarding facility. Here’s a checklist of six things you should bring when you drop off your four-legged friend at our dog daycare.

1. Food

Bring the same food your pet usually eats at home — this will help to ensure consistency in their meals and ease some of their discomfort of being away from you. Meanwhile, dogs with special dietary needs will continue to have those needs met during their stay with us.

Ideally, you want to have each meal portioned out into baggies, with your pet’s first and last name on each one.

2. Medications and supplements

Make sure to label all medications and supplements with your pet’s full name, as well as including the dosages and schedule to follow. If your pet requires any emergency medications as well, please include them if you think that they may be necessary.

Additionally, if your pet only takes their medications a certain way, feel free to include that on a separate list (more on that below).

3. Bedding

Ease a first-time boarder’s loneliness by bringing their favorite blanket from home — or perhaps an old fleece or sweater with your scent on it instead. Blankets and fleeces are preferred over larger foam beds because they’re easier to clean and are able to withstand a dog’s roughhousing better.

4. Toys

Feel free to bring one or two of your dog’s favorite toys for their stay. However, we recommend bringing sturdy toys that your pup won’t mind roughing up — versus their most favorite toy, as we cannot ensure that they won’t break during your pet’s stay.

Make sure to label each toy with your pet’s name to make sure they don’t get mixed up with the ones we provide.

5. Vaccination records and other documents

Every dog at our daycare must be fully up-to-date with their vaccines, so we’ll need a copy of your pet’s vaccination records. Before you leave, please also make sure we have your contact information in case of an emergency.

6. A list of your pet’s likes and dislikes

Just like people, every pup has their quirks. If it makes you feel more comfortable, feel free to leave us a note with a few things that may make your pet’s stay with us more enjoyable as well as help our team provide them with the best care possible.

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