How to make dog boarding less stressful in Agoura Hills, CA

December 7, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How to make dog boarding less stressful in Agoura Hills, CA

Like many humans, some dogs can get stressed out going somewhere new. From the vet to a new dog park to a boarding kennel, it can be anywhere. Some dogs are more social than others and take to new locations like ducks to water, but others have a more difficult time. At Barks N’ Rec, we want to help you take the stress out of dog boarding in Agoura Hills, CA, so we put together a few tips to help ease your pup’s anxiety.

Pay a visit before a long stay

If you’re planning to board your dog for an extended period or on a more regular basis, it’s a good idea to pay a visit to the kennel before the first actual stay. You can take your dog for a chance to socialize with the other dogs, sniff around and get familiar with the kennel, and even mark a few areas of their own. Getting familiar with a new environment is a great way to ensure that your dog is more comfortable with future stays.

You can even leave your dog overnight so you can have a night to yourself, then you’re available if there are any significant problems with your dog that first night. You and your dog will both have more peace of mind after the initial visit.

Pack familiar items

You can help your dog feel a little more at home away from home by bringing some of its favorite items. A toy, blanket, clothing item, or chew toy are great things that your dog can keep in its kennel overnight. Similar to a child’s security blanket, your dog will associate the smell of these items with safety and security even when away from its usual bed.

Drop your dog off early in the day

Give your dog an entire day to get used to its surroundings by dropping it off early in the day. Playtime with other dogs and new people will help to distract from the thought of not being home or away from you. The new environment, sounds, and smells won’t be quite so overwhelming when your dog is trying to sleep if it’s spent the entire day getting to its temporary home.

Socialize your dog

Dogs that are social with other dogs have an easier time adapting to boarding than those that don’t. You’ll find that if your dog is social, it will take to the play environment much faster and easier than a dog that’s used to being secluded at home inside or in your backyard. If you ever plan on boarding your dog, make an effort to go to dog parks, walk with neighbors, or find another way to introduce your dog to others in the area. When the time comes to go to a boarding kennel, your dog will be ready to play with the others and not worry about you leaving.

Condition for separation

Dogs don’t have any concept of time or when you’ll be returning. If you haven’t trained your dog to be alone in your house, it will likely get nervous that you’re not going to come back for it. You can help your dog condition for separation weeks and months in advance if you’re aware that you will be leaving for an extended period. House training is an effective way to help your dog get used to you not being around, so it understands that you will be coming back for it later.

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