Can unneutered dogs go to daycare? No, and here’s why

August 18, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A dog getting ready to fetch. The answer to, Can unneutered dogs go to daycare? is no because things like this become exponentially more difficult.

Dog daycares should be fun, safe environments for dogs and people alike. However, instincts hardwired into unneutered dogs make this impossible. At Barks N’ Rec, we don’t discriminate against breeds, but we draw the line at unneutered dogs. We're the leading doggy daycare in Agoura Hills, CA, and we go to great lengths to provide the perfect environment for every pup. We prioritize the wellbeing of each dog clients entrust us with, which is why we don’t admit unneutered dogs.

Can unneutered dogs go to doggy daycare? No, and here’s why:

Unwanted pregnancy

When considering the question, Can unneutered dogs go to daycare? the answer is no, and a primary reason is pregnancy

While pregnancy isn’t a risk with one neutered dog in the facility, admitting all unneutered dogs guarantees an unwanted pregnant pup returns home. Pregnancy is a burden on owners. Preventing pregnancy is for the good of the owner, mother, and litter.

More importantly, unneutered dogs are more likely to hump around unfamiliar dogs. Humping is a way to demonstrate dominance. Doggy daycares will undoubtedly surround your dog with unfamiliar pups.

This exposure ensures they hump more frequently, which invariably means a greater risk for pregnancy. Pregnancies can be a great thing, but owners rarely uphold the standard of a reputable breeder, and taking care of a litter is expensive.

At Barks N’ Rec, we strive to help dogs and owners alike by preventing unwanted pregnancies that result in stress and the potential mistreatment of a litter.

Dangerous behavior

The question, Can unneutered dogs go to daycare? can be answered with a resounding, No. One reason is dangerous behavior.

Neutered males exhibit a far lesser need for dominance. Demonstrating dominance is a huge issue when introducing several unfamiliar dogs to each other. It often results in fighting. Neutered dogs elicit fewer attacks from other dogs, and spayed males don’t provoke hostile breeding behaviors.

Moreover, when it’s time to play with others, unneutered dogs are more territorial of their property and owners, and they even get possessive of their pet pals. This possessive behavior can cause conflict and fighting.

Ultimately, at Barks N’ Rec, we strive to provide a safe space for dogs that owners can trust, which is why we don’t admit unneutered dogs.

It creates a messy environment that’s hard to manage

Lastly, to answer the question, Can unneutered dogs go to daycare? cleanliness is a major issue we have to consider.

Unneutered dogs do far more leg-lifting and marking. This need to mark their territory and assert dominance creates an unhygienic environment for all the pups we board and the people taking care of them.

Plus, unspayed females still get periods. Periods are messy and unhygienic, too, because it’s not easy to anticipate when a dog’s period is coming. Lastly, unneutered males like to roam freely, which causes them to escape from facilities to roam the streets.

Managing dogs that are constantly trying to escape is difficult. Worst yet, when dogs escape, it’s dangerous. Many end up getting hit by cars or getting lost.

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