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A Typical Weekend for Your Dog at Barks N’ Rec

November 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Barks n Rec LA
Border Collie

Do you have a company picnic scheduled for the weekend, or perhaps a community beach cleanup with a program after? Or are you signed up for a hike and overnight camping at Yosemite? Maybe you need to fly over to New York as part of your cousin’s wedding entourage. Whatever the reason, there may be a day or an entire weekend when you have to attend an important event and leave your fur baby behind.

At Barks N’ Rec, we believe that pet parents deserve some time off so they can go wherever they want without worrying about their canine companion’s wellbeing. So, if you’ve got something coming up but haven’t RSVPed yet because you’ve no one to leave your dog with, why not leave your pet with us?

Dog boarding at Barks N’ Rec

Your dog can expect to have a fun day or an entire weekend in a safe, secure, and well-monitored environment. Our professional, pet-loving staff will take care of your pup and provide him the socialization and exercise he needs.

At Barks N’ Rec, your dog will feel right at home as he’ll be in good company. In fact, whether he’s staying only for a few hours or for an entire weekend, he’ll have lots of fun opportunities to interact with a happy dog pack. His stay with us will afford him a chance to have lots of playtime, exercise, bonding, and relaxation with other furry friends.

Daycare guests have access to three huge play areas. These facilities include indoor and outdoor access so your dog can have some fun in the sun, or just chill indoors.

For overnight dog boarders, Barks N' Rec provides homey, loving, and comfortable dog boarding facilities. This way, your pet will feel right at home. Aside from having access to our spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, he’ll have his own private quarters, including a comfy dog bed and soft fleece blanket, just right for a dog his size.

Moreover, overnight dog boarders also have access to the following services and features:

• Live webcam access

• First aid

• Complimentary medicine administration

• CPR-certified handlers

• Flexible check-in and check-out times

And whether your dog is registered for Barks N’ Rec’s daycare service or our dog boarding facilities, he’ll be getting a lot of TLC. Our CPR-trained professional dog handlers are always on standby, overseeing the pack and ensuring the safety and comfort of all doggies left in our care. So, there’s never a moment when your fur baby is left alone to fend for himself.

For the safety of all pets registered for our daycare or dog boarding facilities, all dogs are assessed for their temperament. Moreover, proof of vaccination is required to ensure a healthy environment for all.

Make it a dog day at Barks N’ Rec

While your fur baby is with us, why not book him a grooming or beauty package? Our professionally trained dog groomers are always on hand to make your dog feel and look his best before checkout.

If your pet is badly in need of a trim, a nail cutting session, or a refreshing bath, do let us know. Barks N’ Rec also has a nice selection of premium shampoos and coat conditioners to choose from. So, whatever your pet’s grooming needs, Barks N’ Rec can certainly take care of it for you.

Do you have plans for the weekend? If you require doggie daycare or dog boarding services, get in touch with us at Barks N’ Rec.