3 Ways Pet Boarding in Agoura Hills Helps Your Dog Learn to Socialize

August 26, 2020 at 6:00 AM
pet boarding in Agoura Hills

Just like humans, our pups are social creatures. Most dogs love the time they get to play with other dogs, whether they meet them for the first time on our morning walks, during downtime in the park, or scheduled play dates with their friends. And also like humans, dogs need socialization to help them feel their best.

But not all dogs have the most well-developed social skills. And that’s OK! Our pet boarding services in Agoura Hills can be just the thing your pup needs to help bring out their personality and to share it with other pups in a safe and loving environment. Here’s how pet boarding can be the answer to your pup’s socialization needs.

Reason #1: dogs are pack animals

While both dogs and humans are “social creatures,” dogs are pack animals. Meaning that, over their evolution, undomesticated dogs have largely stuck to living in packs. This trait is hardwired into their DNA, and even our fur babies need to spend time with other dogs.

However, not all dogs thrive around others at the start. Some dogs—especially those that have experienced trauma before coming into our lives—may be intimated by other dogs’ presence. With the right, caring approach, pet boarding can be an excellent remedy to your pup’s timidity. When you trust us with your dog, we’ll be sure to get to know their personality before letting them interact with other dogs, so you can be sure they are in the best of hands while you’re away.

Reason #2: old dogs meeting young pups

We believe old dogs can learn new tricks—and young pups can learn a thing or two from older ones, too! Our Agoura Hills pet boarding creates an environment when both older and younger dogs spend time interacting with each other. This is great for socialization for a few reasons:

  1. Older dogs can help younger dogs learn how to behave around other dogs
  2. Younger pups’ energy can be contagious for older dogs
  3. Age dynamics play a huge role in how dogs interact

But like all other traits, dogs’ personalities play a role in how well mixed ages of pups play with one another. Just as some dogs prefer more space or take longer to warm up to other dogs, some older dogs may not want to be around younger pups all the time.

When we meet your dog, we’ll get a better understanding of their personality and speak with you about any unique needs. If you know they have a history of not mixing well with dogs of different ages, we’re happy to accommodate those needs and place them with dogs closer to their age.

Reason #3: conquering fears for a happier life

We briefly mentioned that some dogs that have experienced trauma or have a hard time socializing may take a bit longer to warm up to others. Boarding can give them the opportunity to confront their fears of interaction with other pups that aren’t always so easy to overcome when abruptly meeting new dogs in the park.

Pet boarding gives your pup the chance (and time) to warm up to other dogs and to learn that virtually all other dogs are not a threat. We understand that this can be intimidating for both pups and parents, so we make sure to understand your pet’s limits and any special needs before mixing them with other dogs.

Your pet will love socializing at Barks N’ Rec

Whether you’ve got a young pup or an old friend, we’re happy to accommodate their needs when they stay with us in Agoura Hills. Want to learn more about us or get more details about what pet boarding is like at Barks N’ Rec? Let’s chat.